Poverty Tourism

Entitled and clueless socialites, Becks and Jill, face several “obstacles” while getting ready for their Global Poverty Tours Fiesta fundraiser.

“Poverty Tourism is an absurdist sketch that takes aim at the trope of the white savior. We set out to write (and play) two of the worst kind of “white saviors” you’d ever meet. We hope you enjoy cringing at them as much as we loved playing them.”

Starring Caryn Ruby, Sofia Stefou and Staci Lynn Fletcher 
Written by Caryn Ruby & Sofia Stefou 
Directed by Sofia Stefou and Adam Johns 
Shot by Adam Johns 
Produced by Sofia Stefou and Caryn Ruby 
Edited by Christie McNabb 
Production Design by Janelle Chivonne 
PA Rachel Ace 
A VidaCher Production#SketchComedy #Parody #WhiteSavior 


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